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What Is Classic Dice?
Classic Dice, a probability game established by blockchain hash value calculation and algorithm, provides more fun with bet and prediction, in which the closer the number rolled by players to the random number, the higher the probability winning.
How to play Classic Dice?
1.Only roll outcomes that hit the green area are winners.
2.Players are prohibited from using their own dice.
3.Use of script is optional and as such players must assume full responsibility for any attendant risks. We will not be held liable in this regard.
What is the Classic Dice return rate?
Only 1% HouseEdge.
Auto Mode Operation Instructions
[ ON WIN ] when you win, the next bet amout will ‘Increase by _(your set)_’ or ‘Reset to initial amount’.
[ ON OSE ] when you lose, the next bet amout will ‘Increase by _(your set)_’ or ‘Reset to initial amount’.
[ STOP ON WIN ] Once the amount winned (from start to this bet) is bigger/equal than _(your set)_ , auto will stop;
[ STOP ON LOSS ] Once the amount lost (from start to next bet) may be bigger/equal than _(your set)_ , auto will stop.
How are results calculated?
To get the results.
First we combine your serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce: combination = serverSeed + clientSeed + nonce.
Second, we calculate the hash value of the combination with SHA-256. This gives us a 64-character hexadecimal string: hash = SHA-256 (combination).
Finally, we take 8 characters of the hash and convert it to an int32 value. Then we divide the converted value by 0x100000000, multiply it by 10001 and divide it by 100 so that the resulting number conforms to the constraints of the dice range.
Note: A new seed must be set to verify the previous data (the server seed is encrypted).
Did you really need to know this? Probably not. It’s there for those who expect transparency and precision in a provably fair game of chance.
We put our “cards on the table.”
Good luck!

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